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Hilden United Church

A busy community of more than 2,075 people, Hilden nestles comfortably in a valley between hills rising towards the east and west. The community of Hilden is located approximately three kilometers south of the town of Truro, making it minutes from a modern hospital, a business college, a community college, an agricultural college, as well as most social and cultural services.


One hundred kilometers south of Hilden is the provincial capital, Halifax. Halifax has several universities, including a theological college, and the best children's hospital in Canada. The Robert L. Stanfield International Airport is just thirty minutes from Hilden. Hilden is home to an Elementary School that includes grade primary to six. A Junior/Senior High School is located in the neighboring community of Brookfield, approximately five kilometers south of Hilden. Students also have the option of attending the Cobequid Educational Centre that includes grades ten to twelve in Truro.


In addition to a Volunteer Fire Brigade, a service station, and a restaurant, Hilden has its own Medical Centre, a flower shop/greenhouse, hardware store and Scotia Pines Campground. A used car dealer, a hairdresser shop and two upholstery shops are businesses that have taken their place in the community as Hilden continues to keep pace with the times. There are two ball fields for recreational purposes and a yoga class and two fitness classes led by trained local instructors within the community. Many farms have disappeared from the area and the land used for residential development. There are two nursing homes located in Hilden as well as the Cobequid Hills, a senior's apartment building. Most of Hilden's residents work in the nearby town of Truro or in Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia.


The Hilden Church stands on a hill keeping watch over the village. Over the years, we have witnessed a fluctuation in church and Sunday School attendance, but our hope for this diverse community is that we come together spiritually to support our church.  

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