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The Reverend Phillip Kennedy 

The Reverend Phillip Kennedy, BA, MA, M.Div

I grew up in Saint John, NB, and since I was 18 years of age, I have lived in Nova Scotia, England, Toronto, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Quebec mostly for post-secondary education and ministry.


In 1974, I married Valerie Ganong, who joined me in ordained ministry in 2006.  In my previous call to Woodlawn United Church, Rev. Valerie worked with me as a “clergy couple” for nine years.  We have three children: Jeffrey, David and Krista, and 5 grandchildren:  Madisyn, Dylan, Lillian, Liam, and Gemma, ranging in age from 5-15.

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My understanding of the meaning of life and ministry focus on relationships of love with God and all people and transformation of self and society.  I have a passion for life-long learning and social justice. My personal faith journey has been one of “faith seeking understanding” and I enjoy helping others remove obstacles in their relationships with God and others. The first questions I ask in preparing sermons are:

    How does the Biblical story relate to our story?

    Why should these folks be interested in what I have to say?


I have life-long love of playing basketball and fitness and a pretty good sense of humour, I’m told.


I am excited to be with the people of Clifton Pastoral charge in mission and ministry!


This picture of me is in my ordinary attire. I usually only wear my clergy shirt and collar at funerals, weddings and Pride parades!

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